Design Concept

We aimed to create an all inclusive system; a one stop storage shop if you will. 

Our goal was to solve the storage industries largest problems; (1) Reliable insurance, (2) Damages due to over handling, and (3) Theft or Loss of prized possessions. 

1. In the early 2000's our mother moving company Truck and i was  asked to help in the process of loading portable storage containers. We quickly learned that our clients could not receive proper insurance, simply because the portable storage companies would not insure the container if a third party member was involved. And our insurance companies would not allow us to cover our clientele since the containers did not belong to us, thus we could not be held responsible to any damages that occurred.  We felt that this left our clients vulnerable, and our solution was for us to own the containers. 


2. Traditional storage requires that items be handled many times: from house to truck, truck to warehouse; warehouse to truck, and finally truck to house. This method left plenty of room for error, mainly due to the fatigue movers would frequently encounter.

Using our Vault system we are able to reduce damages by eliminating fatigue, due to a condensed work day. These reductions are due to a forklift doing all the heavy lifting, instead of a crew. 

3. Sometimes the truth hurts, but without a client present at the warehouse, movers have been known to steal. With the Vaults your items are never seen by any one from the moment they leave your home until their return. Giving you the piece of mind you've always deserved. 



We chose to design and create our Vaults from wood due to the readily available material, its strength, and the ability to manufacture on an as need basis. Our design is patented and unique to our company. 

Weather proof tarps

Every morning each Vault that goes out to a job is covered with a specially design canvas. The canvas is constructed out of a heavy grade plastic and is 100% weather proof. When the Vaults return to the warehouse the branded canvas is taken off and your Vault is stored. 

Vault Specs

Width – 9.5'
Height – 8.5'
Depth  – 7'
Fits – 2 Rooms
Holds – 2,500 lbs


Two Dozen Blankets
Shrink Wrap
Six Rolls of Tape
One Dolly
One Hand-truck
Three Floor Runners


We are fully insured &
Extra insurance available